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Quantum Energy Card

Quantum Energy Card

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Our proprietary formulated Quantum Energy Card QEC is made of carbon fiber and is designed to assist communication within your body at an energetic level. Our QEC is stronger than steel and lightweight. Its design allows it to fit nicely into your pocket or wallet and conducts electrical energy 100%. Our QEC is infused with our propriety seven-step method formulated with earth, herbal, and unique frequencies that support harmonizing and revitalizing the body’s energy and the energies radiated to others.

Use this card to enhance and harmonize food, beverages, supplements, and more, including the body’s response to Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF).

The Quantum Energy Card is a carbon fiber card about the size of a credit card. This card is Quantum Infused with our proprietary process of herbal and earth frequenies.
Also included are detailed instructions for placement on or near acupoints best to support your desired result.

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