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Fit QuantaGram

Fit QuantaGram

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The Fit QuantaGrams™ is targeted for general well-being and everyday life, but we’ve also included specific instructions and placements for ideal appetite suppressant and weight management.

Our QuantaGram™ products have over 15 years of research, testing, and development. Fit QuantaGrams™ contain a proprietary formula of herbal and earth frequencies that help the body focus and support the body’s general sense of well-being, suppress appetite, and assist with weight loss when placed on or near the acupoints along the body’s meridians.

Each “Do-It-Yourself” Acupressure Kit contains 36 disposable self adhesive Quantum Infused QuantaGrams.
Also included are detailed instructions for placement on or near acupoints best to support your desired result.

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