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Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is common in everyday life, especially with the widespread use of electronic devices in households.

Handheld devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming devices emit EMF and/or RF radiation. These devices potentially have adverse health effects on your body’s immune system. Especially when exposed to high levels of this electronic pollution for prolonged periods.

When your body spends its energy trying to fight off the harmful effects of radiation, you become more fatigued. This may result in you needing more sleep or not sleeping well throughout the night.

As this continues, your immune system will begin to weaken, making you more susceptible to illness and various diseases.

The Quantum Lifestyle EMFgram™ is designed to support restoring balance to the body’s natural energy fields that may have been disrupted by the effects of non-ionizing radiation (EMF & RF).

EMF stands for electromagnetic field or electromotive force. The movement of electrically charged particles creates an EMF. This harmful electronic pollution is produced by electronic devices. RF (Radio Frequency) and EMF from devices are believed to have health risks, such as weakening the immune system.

The EMFgram™ does not change or redirect EMF or RF radiation emitted from devices. It has been created to restore balance to the body’s natural energy fields disrupted by EMF radiation. With a simple muscle test, you will see this is similar to grounding or earthing.

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